Sport & Safety Glasses in Wayland

Safety First

Vision care is a consistent process whether you’re at work or being active outdoors. 

Proper eyewear at work or if you’re getting some exploration in is crucial to protect against accidents and injury. Weston Optical provides protective sports and safety glasses to offer around-the-clock protection for your eyes.  

Visit us to check out the different brands of sport and safety eyewear we offer and find the right glasses for your needs. 

Protecting Your Vision

At Weston Optical, our team believes you should protect your eyes and vision in all aspects of life—including where you work. 

Some common occupations where eye injuries are more likely include: 

  • Mining
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical work
  • Construction

Around 2,000 U.S. workers sustain job-related injuries requiring medical attention every day. Proper eyewear can help lessen the severity of these eye injuries. Hazards exist in all aspects of life, but proper eye protection can help minimize the chance of severe injury.

Whether you’re playing your favorite sport or hard at work, Weston Optical has eyewear solutions for you.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes

Accidents happen, but you can take some precautions in the workplace and while you’re out and about. 

Some tips to protect your eyes from injury include: 

  • Use proper eye protection
  • Keep your safety eyewear in good condition
  • Know the eye safety dangers at your workplace
  • Try to eliminate hazards in your workplace

We know accidents can happen, so we’re proud to offer a stylish selection of protective sports and safety glasses to help protect you. 

Sport & Safety Glasses Brands We Carry

Explore the different brands of sport and safety glasses we offer at Weston Optical:

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Liberty Sport

Durability and comfort lead the way in the Liberty Sports eyewear collection. For athletes seeking protective sports eyewear, Liberty Sports has thought of every detail you could want and implemented it into each of their frames.

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Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the fastest growing maker of premium polarized sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and ophthalmic frames in the world! It all began in Lahaina, Hawaii, with a need for sunglasses that could eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the colors of the island scenery. Today, Maui Jim also produces stunning, high-quality ophthalmic frames.

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RecSpecs are designed to stand up to some of life’s most demanding conditions. Engineered to protect and perform, RecSpecs are made from high-impact materials and can accommodate a wide range of prescription powers for people of all ages.

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Rudy Project

Designed and crafted in Italy since 1985, Rudy Project produces advanced sunglasses and sport RX solutions. They dare you to Elevate Your Performance.

Eyewear for All Aspects of Life

Eyewear stretches beyond prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Protective sport and safety glasses are important to help prevent workplace injuries and protect your vision from accidental sports injuries.  

Visit us today if you’re in need of protective eyewear; our team looks forward to helping you find the right glasses for you. 

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